Forgotten Memories
              Original Mix
Dubstep SF Music presents Psychoz, Messinian with their latest track titled Forgotten Memories Original Mix . The San Francisco Dubstep Academy 104 compiled by Dubster Spook (San Francisco) presents 18 fresh tracks featuring 24 of the hottest artists from the dancefloors and dub pits of the SF Bay Area & Los Angeles, California\'s West Coast, the most prominent hotbed of producers and rappers grinding out some of the world\'s most notorious hits! This edition introduces some East Coast and International flavor. Top hip hop rappers such as Messinian, Abstract Rude & Kenchy drop intense lyrical mayhem that gets glitched up quite massively! Each track fits perfectly in the set and tells a freaky frolicking adventure and booty shaking tales of epic big phat bass. This compilation series was featured on itunes, Zune, Amazon and both episodes of the party had over 1200 people packed into a gigantic 6 stage venue. The video of the event has nearly 2 million views! This unmatched movement in audio CD / Download format truly documents the front lines of the party world and teaches you with each session why you need to enroll in the Dubstep Academy! The Tracklist is a literal who\'s who of the SF and West Coast Cali Dubstep scene from LA to Seattle. Every sub-genre of Dubstep and Bass music is well represented from Glitch Hop, Grime, Reggae, Bass, Electro, Psystep, and tons of traditionally solid wobbles and hooks laden throughout. Big melodies, transformative styles abound in this top shelf series. No other Dubstep series has quite the same reputation for fun, flavor and fantastic taste! Every episode is unique while retaining the original vision of what the party scene is all about. Thoroughly tested on the dance floors across the planet and gaining a massive cult following in only a few short years, Dubster Spook\'s Dubstep SF, Bass Star and Geomagnetic Records have always delivered the goods! Actual famous Rappers such as Messenian, Abstract Rude and Kenchy are featured who are all quite well known with massive followings. All the artists have been touring extensively with a growing international fan base to support successful promotion. Dubstep Academy 101, 102, 104 were a world wide sensation. Featured on Itunes, Amazon, Zune as well as reviewed in the Digital Oracle (Electronic Dance Music magazine with worldwide print/digital distribution). The CDs were featured on a music video documenting the live party has 2+million views. Dubstep SF Twitter account as a result has 75k+ followers , 5k+ user friends on facebook , 5k+ actual fans and a hit release that has received over $20,000 in download sales from itunes aloneE (101 Dubstep Hits). The first CD sold worldwide over 600 units including 300+ via distributors (150 in USA, 200 ordered in Europe). Both events called Dubstep Academy had over 1200+ actual attending people (Well documented). & DubstepSF (Sub label of Bass Star Records which is an imprint of 11 year old Geomagnetic Label Family) have 10 massive new dubstep, D&B, Bass Music full length albums signed for 2013 including Kali, Bobiz vs Intent To Sell, Psychoz, Entity Plus, Hedlok, Ripple (over 3million combined views on youtube), Arch Rival, Vulture, Venomous Dimensions and drum rollE new rising stars K Theory! Many of our artists are on national and international tours on a perpetual basis. Geomagnetic is a world wide media distribution and production company with more than 20 active and popular sublabels and over 500 artists signed in their catalog. With over 200 full artist EPs, 100+ full length artists with full albums pressed on CD (300+ CDs and counting) and 5000+ tracks in the catalog. Started in 2001 by founders of the famous multimedia boutique Minds Eye Media, Geomagnetic is one of the fastest growing edm labels in the USA.

Forgotten Memories Original Mix