Lost Souls
              Original Mix
Goa Records Music presents Palmos with their latest track titled Lost Souls Original Mix . Dimitris Matzouranis (Palmos) is a Greek artist who did his first steps as music composer on 2004, he is known as Dimmat in psychill/ambient music scene. He\'s worked with many labels such as Power House Records, Plasquam Records, Synergetic Records, Ovnimoon Records and Microcosmos records. His first E.P. came out by Synergetic records followed up by three E.P\'s on Plusquam and Onvimoon records. He also has plenty of tracks in V/A collections from many labels. His love for the psytrance music scene drives him to the creation of his first project, which was the bonfire of his career. So beware and stay tuned because the second Project is coming up to blow up your mind.

Lost Souls Original Mix