Soy Robot
              Klasher Romance Remix
Ovnimoon Music presents Sofia Oportot with their latest track titled Soy Robot Klasher Romance Remix . Ovnimoon Records is proud to present the very different side of Hector Stuardo aka Ovnimoon, with an album of totally different music and style that we know him. The \'Klasher\' project was born around 20 years ago when Hector was still in school days and he and his friend started to play for fun in a project called \'The Casets\' where they were both singing electro-pop music, in very bad quality. In that year Hector takes the name as \'Klasher\'. The project \'The Casets\' didn\'t have any other purpose but only to get fans into the teen electro-pop scene and electroclash too. But they released a song, tribute to a Spain punk artist \'Aerolíneas Federales\', on a CD on a label from Peru. After all this time, Hector gets a small contact with ElectroWave music and a revival passion for 80s sound, very inspired in artists like \'Modern Talking\' and \'Perturbator\'. \'Klasher\' is back now with music and album, something unexpected in Hector\'s B sides... Inspired by the romantic sounds of the past decades, New Wave, Vapor Wave, Italo Dance, Movies, etc.. One very different side of Hector and very recommended to listen in t

Soy Robot Klasher Romance Remix