Wanderers of the Desert
              Original Mix
Goa Records Music presents Tavi with their latest track titled Wanderers of the Desert Original Mix . Goa Records proudly presents Russian Goa Trance protege, Tavi aka Tibeev Rinat Rafaelevich, featuring his debut full length out of this world time travelling adventure that takes you from the distant past to the far-flung future. Time changes all things. our dearly beloved genre known as Goa Trance has blossomed and mutated over the years becoming Psytrance, Progressive, and even fullon. but seldom do pioneers of the early sound manage to influence our modern producers to this degree. Tavi transcends the boundaries of this time line and pulls out a nearly forgotten book from our well-loved library. the book of Goa Trance. When you hear the word only a few still remember the magic and mystery that this word implies. It\'s not just the melodic structure or the innovative sounds. but the spirit that is evoked when you listen, feel, and dance to this classic yet modern futuristic sound. Taking a Shiva Drop might not be such a bad idea when you encounter Tavi\'s engaging and addictive symphonic synthesis of future and past combined. Cutting edge production mixed with amazingly true to form sonic adventures composed to inspire chakra tuning and psychedelic harmonic alignments. Take a trip with us to the edge of the known universe. and beyond! You will be happy you did. This limited edition CD is bound to sooth your soul while igniting your dancing shoes into a blazing inferno of glee! After previewing the samples you will instantly know why we are so excited about this project. Goa Trance is making an amazing world-wide return to the spotlight at parties and festivals across the globe. Now you can participate with a taste of what\'s to come. With massive support from some of the world\'s leading Djs and producers, such as Ovnimoon, Dr. Spook, Random, Nova Fractal, and newly launched Time Warp Records (in association with Ovnimoon Rec, Geomagnetic and Goa Records), Tavi\'s landmark addition to these labels will no doubt be well received and come as no surprise once you encounter this incredi

Wanderers of the Desert Original Mix